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Revolution Stelae in Berlin

Revolution Stelae in Berlin

Impressive photos explained by short texts available in eight languages bring the history of the Peaceful Revolution to life at the authentic sites and guide visitors through an exciting chapter of German history. 18 Revolution Stelae present the dramatic events between the mass exodus in the summer of 1989 and the Day of German Unity on 3 October 1990, in the sites where they took place.

Berlin was one of the centres of the Peaceful Revolution. On 9 November 1989 the pictures of the fall of the Berlin Wall went around the world. But how did it come about, and what happened in the weeks and months that followed?

The information pillars mark sites in the East and West of Berlin that are closely linked to the Peaceful Revolution: meeting places of opposition groups, sites of confrontation with the state and buildings where democratic history was written. Some stelae recall the role of West Berlin and the joy at the positive course of the first successful German revolution.

The focus is on the individuals involved at the time, whose courageous and decisive actions ultimately brought the East German regime to its knees and who brought democracy to their country.

The Revolution Stelae are accompanied by Wall Stelae marking the sites of events along the former inner-city border.

A map with brief explanations serves as a useful guide to the stelae. An overview of publications is available here.

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