The Stasi must go!

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The Stasi – short for Ministry of State Security (MfS) – was the SED’s most important instrument to keep the people under control. 100,000 employees of the political secret police observed the population extensively, assisted by a large army of informers. Every critical voice was closely monitored.

источник: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft/Graphik eckedesign

In the course of autumn 1989, the call for the ministry to be abolished became more and more resonant. In mid-November 1989 the GDR government attempted to save the Stasi under a new name. But the people would not be deceived and they stood their ground. Then tell-tale smoke from chimneys revealed that members of the secret police were destroying files everywhere. Evidence of injustices was thus eliminated.

Now there was no stopping the people: within a few days demonstrators occupied most Stasi buildings throughout the country. Only the headquarters in Berlin was still able to continue operating until mid-January 1990. In the larger towns and cities, the state security service was dissolved by citizens’ committees. These committees were spontaneously drawn from the ranks of those occupying the Stasi buildings. They tracked down hundreds of hidden Stasi bases, switching off bugging devices and securing the files.

Occupying the Regional Stasi Offices

Occupying the Stasi Headquarters

Citizens’ Committees Close Down the Secret Police

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