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Faces of the Peaceful Revolution

In 1989/90 people protested for democracy in countless places across the length and breadth of East Germany, all helping to pave the way to German unity. Who were the women and men who stood up against the dictatorship so successfully? The Faces of the Peaceful Revolution exhibition presents 63 of these courageous individuals.

Photos: Dirk Vogel, 2010

Twenty years after the Peaceful Revolution, the Dortmund-based photographer Dirk Vogel paid them a visit. His black and white portraits show the former activists in places of their choice: in their own homes, at their workplaces, outside in nature or at sites of the revolution. The photos are accompanied by biographies written by high-profile authors.

The portraits include symbolic figures such as Bärbel Bohley and Roland Jahn, but also less well-known individuals such as Gesine Oltmanns from Leipzig and Erika Drees from Stendal. They are people from various different regions, professions, political circles and walks of life, including West Germans who played decisive roles in the revolution. What they all have in common is their courageous actions for a life of self-determination in democracy and freedom.

Exhibition Dates
An overview of when and where the travelling exhibition is on show is available here.

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated book including all photos and biographies. Further information is available here.

Would you like to show the exhibition – or parts of it – on your premises? Please contact: info(at)

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